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Are you feeling overwhelmed?

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Hey, it's Jeff, how you doing today? Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Yeah, kind of everyone does. I'm sure everyone does at some point in time.

And so if you're ever feeling overwhelmed, I want you to stop. take three deep breaths and think about this. Where are you going? I want you to look forward three years, and think about where you want to be in three years. And then think about what your issue is that you're feeling overwhelmed about. And how is that impacting you getting to your three year goal? Is it is it not?

Sometimes those problems and issues just dissolve once we put it into perspective of your three year goal, so make sure you're very clear. Maybe every morning you write down or you review your three year goal, your one year goal and your 90 day goal, so that you know that you're still on track. Everything's good, and maybe your problem is not really a problem.


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