In Order To Grow,

You Need To

Fire Yourself First!

Jeff Russell is a best-selling author, speaker, and business owner. He has founded 5 companies and taught over 10,000 healthcare providers on how to start their own cash-paying medical practice. Jeff loves to share his ability to quickly analyze, systemize, and scale businesses and medical practices. He’s committed to help others make owning a business fun again.

Jeff's is also the creator of the Live a Life Well Lived® concept which revolves around having a balance of Health, Wealth, and Wellness in your life. Here, Jeff shares his tips and best practices to help you live your best life ever. Check out his blog for the latest tips! 

Are You Looking to Turn Your Business into an "ATM" or Exit at the Highest Valuation? 

Well, your first move is to Fire Yourself First! Jeff will show you how to stop trading hours for dollars and how to leverage your knowledge so you can work less and make more.

For many, this means having your business become your very own ATM, creating cash whether you are working in it or not. For others, it's the sale of your business. Either way, the process is the same, and Jeff has been there, and will share with you the recipe for success.

How to Fire Yourself First to Discover Financial + Lifestyle Freedom

EVERY business owner wants a self-managing company that can scale to whatever level they dream of that's lifestyle compatible and saleable.

And wouldn’t it be nice if it was a really effective ATM?

Jeff Russell is someone who's accomplished all of the above. He is the creator of Fire Yourself First,  and he has a system and super valuable tools that you can download and use in your business TODAY. 

Jeff’s life and businesses are by design. He always knew that he wanted to have the freedom of time and money. That’s why he (and MOST of us) became entrepreneurs in the first place!

10 years into business he forgot WHY he started it in the first place. It became too complicated and time consuming so he decided to systemize everything.

He didn’t want to be in the day to day operation so he hired a very knowledgeable team. Today he only works about two hours a month so whether he’s there or not; and what is shocking is that the business is making more money than ever before!

As a result, he has a huge library of systems that he’s developed and now teaches and advises other business owners on. Here are three that you can download now:

  • Clarity Map: In order to get to your final destination, you and your team need to know what winning looks like. If your people don't know where you're headed, they don't know what's expected of them and, how are you going to grow and scale your business?. You need to be able to look at the future and see where the opportunities are coming. Jeff’s Clarity Map will get you there FAST. 
  • 11 Step-Hiring Process: The key to a business that runs itself is having the right people doing the right things. (It’s the secret weapon that allowed Jeff to scale his business and put it on auto-pilot) His 11-Step Guide will help you to hire the best people EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  
  • Dashboards and Scorecards: It's very important to come up with a dashboard that you can use to understand the most important numbers and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in your business and every employee needs a scorecard so they know if they're winning and contributing. If everyone knows what winning looks like, you can slowly exit yourself from the business, while knowing all is well.

As a Strategic Investor, Jeff also looks for businesses where he can take his vast experience, and get it ready to be run as an "ATM," and/or exit at the highest multiple.  If you think your business may qualify, please contact Jeff here!

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Dr. D. Chirino, MD

"I want to really thank you for organizing and guiding this extraordinary symposium. It was a great experience and you made it perfect. Jeff Russell has diffused his  business experience, enthusiasm and positivism to all of us. You have shown us a new and different business types and different strategies we were not even suspecting.”  

George Pappas

"Thanks again for the fantastic seminar you put on in January.  It was one of the best seminars I have attended and very enjoyable. 

Frances Chisdak

"We attended a workshop recently and it paled in comparison to the course we went to in AZ. The communication, set up, guest speakers, live demo/workshop, staff, customer service, presentations- everything was SUPERB from Jeff!!"

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