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How to Turn Your Business into an ATM that Generates Money if You are there or Not

I often get this question asked Jeff, how do you create a business that runs as an ATM, which generates money whether you're working at it or not. And the key is, first, you need to be in the right mindset that this is what you want to do. You need to be ready to let go because you're going to have to have your team members run the business without you. And the third thing is really make sure you've documented every process and system in your business. That is so important if it's going to run without you. And you don't have to write everything down. You can video it, you can do screenshots. You can do all kinds of stuff in addition to writing down as well, but you need to document all the business's operational systems and processes. Just like if you bought a Subway franchise, you'd get a big manual with all the details and protocols on how to run that practice. run that business, you're going to do the same thing for your business. So do that and that'll help you generate money while you're not there and have your business used as an ATM!


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