Work With Jeff!


Are You Looking to Turn Your Business into an ATM or Exit at the Highest Valuation? 

Jeff works with established businesses where the owner is looking to scale back their day-to-day involvement and/or sell for the highest value. Whether you want to minimize the hours you work in your business, without reducing your income; or want to sell at the highest valuation, Jeff can help. 

As a Strategic Investor, Jeff may invest his time and /or money into business, with the goal of returning the biggest return for the owner, creating a win-win situation for you and your family. 

Since I live what I preach, I only work with a handful of companies every year. Currently I am only working with 6 companies, and I have 2  spots available. 

Work With Jeff

If you are ready to Fire Yourself First and increase your businesses valuation, let Jeff guide the way!